I’m Just Getting Started

Post by: on September 18, 2010 | 0 Comment

I’ve been working for the last few months on a new project. I’m not ready to publicize the details yet though. Once I’m farther along, I’ll post all the details. In fact, I’ll be blogging my progress here as I go. Suffice it to say I’m building a web application (SaaS style).

The basics:

  • I’ll be using Rails 3. I started building with 2.3.8, and I’m very excited now that 3.0 is out and the plugins I’m using are now compatible.
  • I’m using Haml, Sass, Clearance and Formtastic. doubtless I’ll add more tools later, but that’s what I’m starting with. I really like working with Haml and Sass, the learning curve is a little bumpy, but now that I working templates I just love working with them. The markup is so clean!
  • I’ll be hosting on Heroku, when I get to that point. I really like the flexibility of their offering, I can really tune it to my needs as I grow. I’ve used Engine Yard Solo, and it’s a fine service, but it seems less flexible and more manual ( though that could make it more flexible for some). I;ve used plain Ec2 before, but I like the interface that Heroku has built. I haven’t tried Scalr.

Coming up: analytics tools, design decisions and more.