In the End

Post by: on February 21, 2011 | 0 Comment

I’m done.

I’ve made good improvements in the look of the ‘day view’ calendar stuff, though it still needs work before I’ll show it to you. I learned a bit about ruby’s date handling and rails’ i18n in the process.

I also finished the mailchimp templates, which look decent now, though they could use a polish at some point.

Overall, I can call this codeathon a success. I’ve made a significant improvement in the functionality of the app. I’ve now got a few roads I can travel to really fill out the features that I’ve build this weekend. I like having starting places, it makes deciding what to do next easier.

One of the techniques I’ve used to fight through this weekend is to focus on the list I’ve prepared, and not get pulled off into coding cul-de-sacs. While all of the work in said cul-de-sac needs to be done, it doesn’t need to be done now.

The other thing I’ve had to do is give up on nuanced implementations – there are a few places where I wished to build modules that handled all the special cases and ambiguities that I know are there. But I had to keep telling myself that working code is what I’m after, and that it’s easier to build future code on a working base than to try and get the complex case right the first time. So I build the näive case and live to fight another day.

  • appointment model
  • appointment controller
  • appointment view for user, with basic CSS
  • expand user registration to handle business name
  • seed data for a few users/appointments/events
  • subdomain handling in dev, and on server
  • appointment view for anonymous patient
  • appointment list for next two days on Center page
  • super-simple mailchimp template
  • mailchimp setup for confirmation email