Lion, Rails 3.1 and WordPress Clients

Post by: on September 19, 2011 | 0 Comment

I haven’t gotten much done on Inner Light Tools on the last few months. My day job had taken over all of my free time, at the same time, I was waiting for Rails 3.1 to finish up. I’d begun converting the code over with one of the early Release Candidates, but when I updated my MacBook to Lion, things broke. At the same time I’d tried renaming the Xcode directory, and then make and gcc stopped working. Even when I moved the folder back they wouldn’t work.

Because I couldn’t compile any native code, the upgrade to rails 3.1 final would’t work. I couldn’t get Xcode to reinstall from the App Store either. So I reinstalled it on another machine, and made a copy of the installer before it was finished (when it gets deleted). With that I was able to reinstall, and everything started working again, thankfully.

Now that I had a final version of Rails. I could get on with the code. Over the weekend I spent some time deleting parts of the app. Originally I’d planned to allow users to build customized intake forms, but dealing with all the complexity that brought was driving me nuts, and taking forever to code. So I’ve cut it out, and it’s not just a simple model.

I may go back to that idea in the future, if my users actually want that kind of thing. I’ll ask them first.

Also, I’m trying out WordPress clients, trying to decide between MarsEdit and MacJournal. I’ll let you know which one wins.