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I only learned the word “micropreneur” recently. I don’t know if it was coined by Rob Walling, but he introduced me to it. It is a “business style” where the goal is sustainable long-term income, and little, if any hiring. The micropreneur usually runs one more more small websites that actually make money. The difference between that and the usual startup path is there is no exit strategy, no IPOs, VC funding, or crazy growth.

That’s exactly teh type of business I am hoping to build. I really enjoyed reading Rework, and I had been thinking along those lines. But I didn’t know there was a name for it until I stumbled across Start Small, Stay Small and a few of Rob’s blog posts.

That book has been very informative. It validated some of my initial decisions, and laid out a panoply of guidance that I would have otherwise been without. Very smart, practical stuff.

I’ve also joined the Micropreneur Academy which expands on the information in the book even further, and has a community of founders all doing the same thing together.

I’m getting ready to launch my “sales site” which is a simple one page web page that gives a bit of information about the product and lets people sign up to be notified when I launch. Since launch is still months away, I’ll have a web presence that I can point people to, and I’ll hopefully collect a good mailing list that I can leverage at launch time to get a nice bump in traffic. It also allows me to test various SEO and SEM strategies long before I’ve polished up the code. When I launch, all my SEO will be fully primed in Google. I would not have done it this way without Rob’s advice.

I’m almost done finalizing the name of my new product. Once that’s done, I’ll let you all know and link over to the sales site.