New Theme

Post by: on February 28, 2011 | 0 Comment

Over the weekend, I re-created the theme for this blog. My goal was to jettison the old base theme that I’d used to create the previous theme, because it was never quite complete, and the underlying theme code was buggy. You may have seen some errors here from time to time.

I wanted to go super-modern when I did this, so I selected two candidates, AdaptiveTheme, and Zentropy. I was drawn to Adaptive because they prominently display HTML5 compatability, and I was interested in Zentropy because it incorporates HTML5 Boilerplate.

I love the idea of HTML5 Boilerplate, and I’m going to incorporate it into my alternative health management application, Inner Light Tools.

I ended up selecting AdaptiveTheme because it’s built for easy sub-themeing. I prefer building as a subtheme simply because my code and their code is separated, and I can update the base theme as needed for bug fixes.

Deploying the new theme turned out to be a pin in the ass, on Drupal 6, because it had built it using the D7 that I have installed locally. So I bit the bullet and upgraded this installation to Drupal 7 Friday night. It was pretty smooth for an upgrade that big. I’m still learning my way around D7, so some things are still a bit wonky. But it’s a massive improvement, so I’m glad it’s done now.

Bugger, WYSIWYG editing is still broken for me, it just posts empty content. I had to go back and disable it, then repost this