Speaker / Engineering Leader / Entrepreneur

John K Sawers

An empathic technical leader focused on leveling up the emotional intelligence of the tech industry.

My passion is talking about people-related topics to technical audiences. I've spoken to international audiences and delivered workshops around the US. Visit My speaking page to see where I've spoken and for visit my booking and contact page to bring me to your conference or event.

My novel model for thinking about how humans work. I bring a concept technical folks already understand, an API, and use it as a metaphor for understanding feelings as requests and responses.

I was the co-founder and CTO of Data Simply, a company that helps investors by extracting ESG information from SEC filings so they can make choices aligned with their values. Data Simply wound down in 2020.

I'm an Associate Director of Product Engineering at Privia Health, managing the web, mobile and Salesforce development teams. We are all dedicated to making healthcare what it ought to be.

John K Sawers

Boston, Massachusetts