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Public Speaking

I talk about people skills to technical audiences. Visit My speaking page for booking and contact info.

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Your Emotional API

A new way of thinking about how humans work. I model emotions as a series of API requests and responses.

Emotional API


I'm the co-founder of Data Simply, a company that helps investors make choices aligned with their values.

Data Simply

Software Development

I'm a developer at Privia Health, helping make healthcare what it ought to be.

Privia Health

People First, Security Always


Blog Posts

A cute little trick with Ruby hashes and .try()

Recently I encountered a situation where incoming JSON was converted to a hash, and certain keys were not always present. Naturally I want to safely grab the values that were present without barfing on the nils. hsh = {foo: bar: [2]} bad_hsh = {foo: nil} should_be_2 = hsh[:foo][:bar].first # works uhoh = fail[:foo][:bar].first # NilClass […]

13 March 2016

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WordPress Multisite Tips

You can’t start a multi-site install from scratch, you have to install the base site first, then turn on multi-site. If you turn it on right out of the box, you’ll get stuck with a database error and probably spend an hour messing with MySQL permissions before you figure it out. Don’t ask how I […]

16 July 2014

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More than I ever wanted to know about cookies

Here is a list of things I learned working on a project a while back, I wrote them down because they’re so screwy I know I’d force myself to forget them: Cookie size causes both the browser and the server to barf. Total size, not just individual cookie. Deleting a cookie is tricky, sometimes IE […]

23 January 2014

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Ruby Sockets

I posted a new entry on Privia Health‘s technology blog about some troubles I had working with Ruby sockets: Adventures In Ruby Socket Programming

29 August 2013

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Image Uploads to AWS S3 using Rails 3, Paperclip and PLUpload

For the Invest Your Heart project, I’ve been working on getting image uploads perfected. That’s easy enough with the Paperclip gem. But storing uploads on your Heroku dyno isn’t a good idea, so I wanted to use S3. Oh and throw in upload previews, resizing and a progress bar. I managed to get it all […]

21 April 2013

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