John K Sawers

Speaker / Entrepreneur / Engineering Manager

I've been programming professionally for nearly 3 decades. I started programming for the web when HTML was it's own specialty. Over the years I have programmed in in Perl, UserTalk, Java, PHP, JavaScript and Ruby. For the last few years I have chosen to pursue engineering management. I find the work of optimizing sociotechnical systems gratifying and challenging. Relatedly, I'm also passionate about understanding myself and others from a psychological and emotional perspective.


My passion is talking about people-related topics to technical audiences. Visit My speaking page for booking and contact info.

My novel model for thinking about how humans work. I use the metaphor of an API to describe a way to understand emotions as requests and responses.

I was the co-founder and CTO of Data Simply, a company that helps investors extract ESG information from SEC filings, to make choices aligned with their values. Data Simply wound down in 2020.

I'm a senior engineering manager and developer at Privia Health, managing the web and mobile development teams. We are all dedicated to making healthcare what it ought to be.